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Baseball: When it goes all wrong!


I love this game! It teaches us so much – life does not have problems, it has opportunities… opportunities to overcome struggles and discouragement to obtain freedom and success! Looking at the glass as half FULL can help us in baseball and in life, let’s look at this a little closer:

Baseball is a game of failure, and far too often kids (and even adults) develop poor attitudes and give up when they encounter tough times in life. If you can handle failing 70% of the time in this game, you will be successful. After all, a .300 hitter is an all-star, a Hall of Fame player. I like this part of baseball, because life isn’t about what happens to us, it is all about how we respond to these situations that make us who we are. I love the way baseball teaches this. Baseball is a tricky game of inches, with many random variables, and often times there are situations that we just cannot practice, defend, scout, or avoid. We call these situations “The things that we cannot control.” So teaching players to, “Focus on the things that you can control” is the most important mindset. Just like in life, in workplaces, in family relationships, we have to focus and practice what we can control and place our time and efforts into this focus. Not worrying about what we have no control over.

-Baseball Concepts Staff

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