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What Makes Great Youth Baseball Parents?


In a past survey of youth sports, young players were asked the question, what is the least favorite part of being involved in youth sports? Their response: “the car ride home”! Why is this? Parents, what are we saying or asking of our child to create this type of feeling from our kids? We are supposed to be our kid’s biggest fans and their primary example of positive encouragement! I believe often times many parents expectations for their child’s season is not the same expectation that their child has for the experience. Weather we mean to or not, we may cause unwanted pressure on our kids. Here are some helpful tips to put the 2015 season in reality for you and maybe help you develop some perspective on the matter. And remember – make the car ride home this season a time of great conversation!

Here is what makes a fantastic youth baseball parent:

• Being respectful of the team, coach, umpires, opposing team’s coaches, players, and fans.
• Desiring to help the kids learn what good sportsmanship is by modeling it for them.
• Not being overly obsessed with winning or losing a game!
• Volunteering their time in a small way such as at the concession stand, field prep, or scheduling for the team or little league program.
• Coming to the game with a desire to have fun, to enjoy the game, and socialize by building relationships with the other parents.
• Applauding good plays that the other team makes too.
• Understanding that this is youth sports, and the kids will imitate what the adults show them – be positive!!
• Avoiding being prideful in your child’s accomplishments. Be humble!
• If your son does struggle to perform, please refrain from pointing out all of the wrongs right away – work on these items well after the game is over in more relax and neutral setting.
• Going easy on your child. Before, during, and after the game (the car ride home), avoid shouting advice at your child in a loud voice that may embarrass your child in front of others. You will look quite silly yourself.

Have a great 2015 Season!

-Baseball Concepts Staff

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