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Coaching this Year? How to Address Mom and Dad!

Developing a “Pre-season Parent Letter”

Communication is the single most important element in leading any type of organization or team. We can prevent or solve most any issue with proper communication. As a coach your desire is to have a smooth flowing season without distracting problems. Parents will feel more informed and comfortable if they have good information and communication from the coach; it also gives the coach credibility and initial respect. So if you would like to have your season kicked off in a positive direction where the kids and parents feel that you have your act together – COMMUNICATE! Below is a sample of how to structure your “ pre-season” introduction parent letter.

 State your introduction:
(Example) I am excited to welcome you to another baseball season. My name is coach Jeff VanHuis and I will be your child’s baseball coach this year. I have a passion for working with kids and a deep love for the game of baseball, so this season will be a great experience for your child as we teach the game of baseball and what it means to be a good teammate.

 Announce a “Parent Meeting”:
(Example) I have set up a parent meeting for next week Thursday night at 6pm on the baseball field. We will hand out important information pertaining to the start of the season, including a practice schedule, and volunteer sign-up (score keeper, assistant coaching, concession stand workers, drink provider for games/practices). I will also review the coaches contact information and our league’s expectations and policies. I will introduce myself to you and also answer any questions you have about the season. I hope at least ONE parent of every child will be present at this meeting.

Field (Game and Practice) Location:
State the location of your field. List the typical practice times. Game times are on the schedule.

Communication with the Coach:
(Example) As the season begins, please contact me via phone or email, or before or after practice with general questions that you my have. After the season is underway, if you have questions regarding playing time, strategy, batting order, or a (non emergency) situation, I ask that you refrain from discussing after the game or practice and that you cordially call or email me the following day.
League Contact Information / “bad weather” Cancellation Plan:
In this section, list all important information that the league has asked you to inform the parents of. If there is a tornado watch or warning, practice and games are cancelled. If there is inclement weather, please visit our league’s website or listen to our local radio station for cancellations.

Your vision or philosophy for this coming year:
(Example) I have some very valuable knowledge of the game of baseball that I gained while playing college baseball and coaching at various levels. My desire to work with kids is why I coach, also I really hope to make this year fun, and educational, as well as for the kids to walk away with some very important life skills. Mr. Smith will also help coach our team this year, and he has a passion for kids and is excited to help with our pitchers and book-keeping duties. Together we desire to have a great season with the kids and teach them how to be their best without over emphasizing the winning or losing part, but rather teaching lessons about preparedness and striving to be the best team of kids we can be! Parents you are a key piece as well; please support your child, the team, and please get them to practices/games on time as they are a member of the team who has made a commitment. We will strive to make this the most baseball educational season yet – your son will learn some great things this season! I’m looking forward to seeing you at next week’s meeting.

Have a great 2015 season!

-Written by Baseball Concepts Staff

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