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What size bat / glove will my child need?


The big question we get asked all the time is… How do I know what size bat to choose? There are many thoughts on this. You may have heard that your child should be able to hold a bat out to his/her side for 1 minute without fatigue, and if they can not do this then the bat is probably too heavy. It is also said that kids should hit a bucket of balls to see if the bat “fits and feels right” (but then how do you return it if it is indeed to heavy – right).

The best option that we have found to work the absolute best is using the bat selection chart that is found in our coaches guide book. For example, a child who weighs between 61-70 LBS and is 49-52” tall should be using a 29” bat. Depending on their strength, the weight drop should be between 11 and 13 oz. So basically, they should be swinging a 29” 17oz bat. The most popular size for a 8 to 9 year old is 26-28” and for 11 to 12 year olds it is a 30-31” bat. You can find the complete bat and glove sizing chart in our coaches guide, and you can download the whole book for just $13 right now at:

Its January! Who is thinking about baseball gloves and bats right now – actually many retail stores have some major discounts on baseball and softball equipment right now. So start thinking soon.

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Here is why, in another two to three weeks, retailers across the country will begin rolling out their 2015 spring lines showcasing the latest baseball and softball equipment. However, in the meantime, they need to move all their inventory from 2014 which results in some great deals for baseball dads and moms looking to buy for their kids. I personally found some great bats, equipment bags, and gloves at some rock bottom prices just recently, and had purchased them for my own son. The best deals for baseball equipment is right now! Between January 9, 2015 until about January 31, 2015 at your local brick and motor retail stores (Ex – Dick’s, MC Sports, Meijers, Krogers – in the midwest).

If you do not mind have “last years” model bat or glove, then get out and buy this weekend! Save a ton, walk away with a brand new quality item, and be ready well in advance of the “seasonal rush”.

-Baseball Concepts Staff

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