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Building Confidence in Your Child!

Baseball Concepts Day 2-21

Confidence comes from many things, but with constant youth sports surrounding your child, it seems to be an easy boost for your son or daughter to provide them with skills that help them excel in the one activity that almost every young child participates in – sports! Granted, God gives every child different levels of coordination, so sometimes that factor comes into play. If you child if faced with incoordination, but still has an interest in sports, do you best as a parent to work harder than anyone else in helping your child fight through some of those challenges. They can still participate, have fun, and gain confidence. When kids find themselves on the outside looking in, it can be tough on the child and even tougher for mom and dad. Here are some tips if your child may be a little uncoordinated: 1) Play with them! Help them! Teach them! 2) Encourage the skills they already have and focus on positively reinforcing those skills. Start each back yard session working on what they already do well. 3) Find areas of weakness and close your session working on one or two aspects that can easily be fixed. Remember, we talked about an hour each week (mom/dad, we do not care how busy you are, you can fit this in). Help build confident in your child today!

-Baseball Concepts Staff

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