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How to Make an Awesome Web Gem Play!

Have you ever wondered how a baseball player makes an awesome, jaw dropping Web Gem play? Well, it is certainly not by accident or a result of good luck, it all stems from the player being in a proper “ready step” position that helps him get a great jump on the ball to make the play!
The ready step is the motion a player makes as the pitcher is delivering the ball to the plate.

Essentially, a player is quickly making himself ready to react if or when the ball is hit to him.

Here is a brief description of how to execute, and look at the photo above – every defensive player on the field should be in this position each time a pitch goes to the plate!

Feet are shoulder width apart with a slight flex in the knees, glove held out front and open. Be ready to react when the pitched ball enters the hitting zone!

DRILL PRACTICE: practice the stance and getting into the “ready” position.

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