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The Car Ride Home from the Game!

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The car ride home!

The car ride home! A study once reported that kid’s least favorite part of a little league game is the car ride home. The reason, mom and dad constantly telling them what they need to do better and placing some unhealthy demands on their little kids! Parents, what does your car ride home sound like? Are you positive, encouraging, and supportive of your child no matter how the game goes? Adults often times are the primary reason why little league experiences can go wrong for children.

After watching a recent little league game, some kids from the losing team were asked how the game went, they all responded positively. When the same question was asked to the parents, they responded more negatively. The reason can only be attributed to generational trends. Parents will respond the same way their parents responded, and this cycle continues for youngsters. Try to make your child’s youth league baseball game enjoyable family time, rather than intense competition hoping your kid’s team wins so that you can have bragging rights at the ice cream shop afterwards. Let’s begin modeling appropriate response by taking the high road with our kids!

Baseball parents… attention! Kids will not remember a loss 10 years from now; however, they will remember how you responded to it – Good OR Bad! Please, do your child a huge favor and do not dwell on wins and losses of little league baseball games.

Winning is important! Our entire free enterprise system is based on winning and losing and healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) competition. Sure, we understand in life there are winners and loser, there are people who will get the job and those that will not, sales will be made and other will not. However, for a first grader… they only care about the outcome if you make a big deal about it! Winning is a shallow goal. Talk about what it takes to win games… hustle, fundamentals, mental toughness, avoiding distractions, having a positive attitude, and working as a team.

Just stay positive! If you need to give advice or correct your child, direct that towards things that they can control, such as hustle, helping them to avoid discouragement, keeping their eye one the ball, and maintaining a positive attitude. It is not what you say it is how you say it. Your kids will do as you do.

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