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Does my child have a GOOD Coach?


Does my son have a good coach?
Wonder if your child’s coach is a good example? Is he or she being positive, supportive, and encouraging? Youth baseball is ALL about teaching and building relationships with kids. If you are in need of a check list to be sure, check this out!
• Caring for the kids and makes practice fun for them.
• Giving high fives to reward hustle and a good attitude.
• Placing an arm around the shoulder of a player when correcting or having a teachable moment.
• Coming to practice organized, and keeps the kids moving with fun drills and a good practice plan.
• Having patience and a desire to help kids reach their best as people first.
• Showing the kids how to win without dwelling on the wins and losses.
• Organizing a team parent meeting prior to the start of the season.
• Following through on having an end of the year party that celebrates the kids and the season in a positive way.

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