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Why Baseball?


In cities across America youth baseball is an activity that many young kids become involved with. Parents enjoy watching their kids participating in little league the same way they once did and desire to have their kids participating in healthy events that will allow them to meet other kids and families. Little League is a summer legacy that passes from generation to generation, and connects grandpas, dads, and the young boys together. Weather in the sandlots of Midwest America or a revamped east coast little complex, you are sure to find “the little boys of summer” in every community and from every walk of life playing the game of baseball.

Every spring you can find fathers browsing the bat section at local sporting goods stores in search of the latest bat that will help is future MVP perform. By the large smile on the faces of dads, it is apparent that they get just as much out of the little league experiences as the kids do. Warm summer evenings will bring carloads of families to little league ballparks, kids to play them game and parents to watch and socialize with the other parents. It is the most popular youth sport which generations of families have played and enjoyed together – it is a sense of a great historical American tradition.

Why is this, why baseball? Of all the games that we could play or have our kids become involved in baseball seems to be the sport that many of life’s lessons stem from. As parents, we can try so hard to teach our kids from right and wrong as we preach to them until we are blue in the face. We have them join play groups in their toddler years to learn how to play and get along with other children. In there adolescent years parents fret about teaching responsibility and the importance of a good attitude. All of these lessons can be taught in 3 innings of a baseball game. It is a team sport where everyone needs to be dependent on one another to make the cohesiveness of the group function – much like those play toddler groups or in ways that a successful corporation would need to in order to function.

“Baseball is more than a game to American children…For over 150 years, baseball has helped teach us about adversity and courage, success and failure, disappointment and hope.” – Kenesaw Mountian Landis

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