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Think your son will get drafted?

It is important to note that less than one percent of high school seniors will graduate with a full athletic scholarship – and of this less than one percent, only .2 percent will become professional athletes. This statistic is very eye opening.

Many parents have a genuine thought and unrealistic expectation that investing in their child’s athletic skills will land them a college scholarship or professional contract someday. These statistics do not lie.

It is much more important that parents and coaches spend time helping young kids develop the skills and work ethic needed to survive in “real life” through sports rather than for the purpose of obtaining a scholarship. Dads, this is a reality check.

If your goal is to have your child shine solely in the eyes of the sports world, it may end up haunting you and your child in the long run. I say this not to be cautious or negative, but to provide an outlook that many people overlook. Perhaps refocusing and striving to teach your kids to be humble and well-rounded can ensure ultimate success. The game of baseball will also help teach this.

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