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Catching – Proper Stance?

Proper Stance- Signal Stance, Receiving Stance, Man on Stance
A. Signal Stance
The catcher’s butt is low and sitting on the heels.
The catcher’s feet are close together and knees pointed at pitcher.
The catcher’s chest is straight with chin up and the elbow of the bare hand resting
against the hip. The wrist of the glove hand rests on the knee with
fingers pointed down to shield the sign being given.
B. Receiving Stance (no man on)
Have toes pointed out slightly towards 1st and 3rd bases, heels kicked out, butt low to the ground.
Open the glove, hold the glove arm with a slight bend in it.
Center your chest on the middle of the plate (provide the pitcher with a big target).
Swing your body to catch the ball (see receiving).
C. Receiving Stance (man on)
Have toes pointed out towards 1st and 3rd bases with heels kicked out and butt off your heels.
Open the glove, glove arm slightly bent, bare hand with a fist behind glove or behind leg.
Swing your body to catch the ball on throwing side of the body.

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