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SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION — Homework For Parents

The essential and main component for youth sports involves and is directly associated with school athletics.  Having academically sound students first, participating in athletics second. 

With fall brings the start of another school year, this is the time for parents to instill sound studying habits in their child’s learning schedule.   Kids are typically more attentive and excited to learn at the beginning of the new school year, as they are refreshed and excited to start something new again.  Parents, take advantage of this!  At home, practice reading with your kids (3-4 short stories per night), or if they are older, have them set up a 30-45 minute study session, to review notes, complete their home work, or get organized for the next day.  BE CONSISTENT, make sure to follow though every night.  Kids will naturally gravitate to the activities they are interested in, playing catch, shooting hoops, riding bikes, ECT.  It is important for the adults in their lives to show them just how important getting a good education is and how everything in life builds from that foundation.

My son Caden and I will break out for a 20 minute game of T-ball, followed by 20 minutes of reading his favorite children’s books.  Stressing to him the importance of reading and learning is essential to his development in school.  Teaching him to have a flawless baseball swing seems important to dad, but having Caden obtain quality learning skills is far more important in the long run.  Parents, it is important not to get caught up in the competition of the neighborhood and whose child is the best.  Make sure to keep things in perspective and give your child the best chance to success in school.

Written by: Jeff VanHuis

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