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FALL PLAYOFF BASEBALL — A Time For Quality Learning

As we head towards fall and the weather cools, professional baseball is just heating up.  MLB playoff fever is a great time to get back into baseball, and just enjoy watching and learning.  Many parents and players underestimate the learning opportunity that can occur by watching playoff baseball on TV.  In fact, I would encourage and highly recommend that parents and their kids spend time watching at least 6 innings per week of playoff baseball this fall.

The benefits are immeasurable!  Typically the broadcasters are former players and have a wealth of information that coaches and little leaguers can benefit from hearing. 

Think of it as “free” professional advice.  Not to mention that quality dad/child bonding that can occur during this quality time on the couch.  So dads, please do not be too busy this fall that you over look this simple, yet quality time for you, your child, and both of your baseball knowledge.

So as September rolls in, start getting into the pennant races and watch your fall TV viewing schedule get into place.

Written by: Jeff VanHuis

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